Recruiting Innovation

Make better tech hires, faster.

Morgan Whaley

Free Mini Course: Front End Engineering

Gain insight into the work of a Front End Engineer and what they look for in a new role. This class provides what you need to successfully recruit these engineers.

Tim Glenn

Free Mini Course: Back End Engineering

This free mini course will introduce you to the world of Back End Engineering. Learn about tech stacks, job priorities and how to effectively engage with these engineers.

Kellyn Potvin-Gorman

Free Mini Course: DevOps Engineering

DevOps Engineers are in high demand, but their work is often hard to understand. Learn what DevOps does and how to effectively engage with DevOps candidates.

Alison Lawrence Daley

Free Mini Course: Tech Recruiting Tactics

Tech recruiting is it's own beast in the recruiting world. Learn techniques that will improve your engagement and interviews with technical candidates.

Elaine Marino

Free Mini Course: Diversity & Inclusion Training

As a recruiter, you can directly impact the diversity of candidates being considered. Learn the recruiting tactics you need to implement diversity into your hiring process.

Morgan Whaley

Front End Engineering

Interested in gaining insight on how a Front End Engineer thinks? What languages they should be familiar with? Our 3 part course will help you build the skills you need to accurately identify candidates.