Recruiting Fundamentals

Take a journey into the recruiting process as instructor, Alison Daley, navigates you across the entire recruiting process. Learn how to onboard a new role, source candidates using Boolean & XRay search, and how to write effective outreach messages.

Learn best practices for job descriptions, interview flow, and how to create a cohesive candidate experience.

Course Curriculum

    1. Tips for Success

    2. HANDBOOK: Tech Recruiting Tactics [FOR PRINT]

    3. HANDBOOK: Tech Recruiting Tactics [FILLABLE]

    1. Introduction to the Tech Recruiting Course

    2. Workflow

    3. QUIZ #1: Recruiter Workflow

    1. Introduction to Talent Personas

    2. Talent Persona Structure

    3. Recruiter Talent Persona

    4. When To Use Talent Personas

    5. QUIZ #2: Talent Personas

    1. Sourcing Strategies

    2. Search Methods

    3. Xray Search Method

    4. Real Life Sourcing

    5. QUIZ #3: Sourcing Strategies

    1. Job Descriptions

    2. Job Description Elements

    3. Effective Strategies

    4. QUIZ #4: Job Descriptions

    1. Outreach Messages

    2. Approaching Candidates

    3. Outreach Message Process

    4. QUIZ #5: Outreach Messages

About this course

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