What You'll Learn

  • Tech

    Learn about the history of back end development and where it is today. We’ll go in depth on the tech stacks, architecture and services. We’ll also learn about the typical workflow of a Back End engineer.

  • Candidates

    Who are the Junior and Senior Talent Personas of Back End Engineering? What do these engineers look for in new opportunities? We’ll cover all of this and more.

  • Engagement

    Once you understand what these candidates do, and who they are, you will be able to effectively engage with these candidates in their language. We’ll dive deep into how to recruit these types of engineers successfully.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome & Tips for Success
  • 2
    Section One: All About Back End Engineering
  • 3
    Section Two: Back End Engineers
    • The Talent Persona of a Back End Engineer
    • - Review Assessment
    • Junior & Senior Back End Engineers
    • - Review Assessment
    • Back End Engineer Resumes
    • - Review Assessment
  • 4
    Section Three: Connecting with Engineers Effectively
    • What Do Back End Engineers Look for in a New Opportunity?
    • - Review Assessment
    • How Back End Engineers Read Job Descriptions
    • - Review Assessment
    • Engaging & Messaging Effectively with Back End Engineers
    • - Review Assessment
    • Closing Comments from the Instructor, Timothy Glenn


Curriculum designed by recruiters, taught by tech leads.

  • Tim Glenn

    Tim Glenn

    Back End Engineering Instructor

    Timothy began his career in software development over twenty years ago building client-server applications in healthcare and agriculture. His experience in developing these real-world applications led him to opportunities abroad consulting Fortune 100 companies in the healthcare, insurance and financial industries. With each opportunity came different obstacles and through these experiences he has acquired in-depth knowledge of back-end engineering from inception to production. Timothy has proven experience in engineering mentorship and leading large teams to success in an enterprise environment.

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