Demystifying DevOps

Strap in, you are about to trek into the wide world of DevOps with a lively and knowledgeable guide, Justin Lang.

In this course, you will learn what exactly DevOps Engineers do, how they do it, and how to grab the attention of these top candidates.

Course Curriculum

    1. Meet Your Instructor: Justin Lang

    2. Tips for Success

    3. HANDBOOK: DevOps Engineering Workflow [FOR PRINT]

    4. HANDBOOK: DevOps Engineering Workflow [FILLABLE]

    1. DevOps Engineering Workflow Full Transcript

    2. Introduction to DevOps Engineering Course

    3. Welcome To The World of DevOps Engineering

    4. Research

    5. Design

    6. Build

    7. Test

    8. Deploy

    9. Closing

    10. QUIZ #1: DevOps Engineering Workflow

    1. Bonus: DevOps Engineer Tech Talent Cheat Sheet

    2. Tech Recruiter Certification 2.0

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