What You'll Learn

  • Sourcing

    Change begins at the sourcing level. Learn how sourcing affects diversity and what habits you can adopt to begin identifying more diverse talent. Through case studies you'll begin to understand how diversity efforts work in motion.

  • Hiring

    Learn how to optimize your recruiting and interviewing process to support and encourage diversity. We’ll offer practical techniques you can quickly integrate into your hiring process to ensure you are getting the results you are targeting.

  • Retaining

    Creating an inclusive environment starts with assessing how your current environment stacks up across several key areas. We’ll discuss how to define your goals and provide you with practical tactics to get you there.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome & Tips for Success
  • 2
    Section One: State of the Industry
    • Course Materials (print these!)
    • Current Portrait of Tech
    • - Review Assessment
    • Define Diversity
    • - Review Assessment
    • Why is Diversity Valuable?
    • - Review Assessment
  • 3
    Section Two: Hiring for Diversity & Inclusion
  • 4
    Section Three: Retaining Talent
    • Finding Candidates
    • - Review Assessment
    • Why is Culture Important to Diversity & Inclusion
    • - Review Assessment
    • Company Culture Do's & Don'ts
    • - Review Assessment
    • Closing Comments from the Instructor, Elaine Marino


Made by recruiters, taught by experts in the field.

  • Elaine Marino

    Elaine Marino

    Diversity & Inclusion Training

    Elaine Marino spearheads a movement championing the underrepresented in the tech industry. Specifically, she has been working in Colorado running Equili, a company creating and running diverse tech programs such as GoCode Colorado and LadyCoders. Her experience ranges from Fortune 500 advertising to Ruby on Rails software development, allowing Elaine to bring a plethora of experience to her client’s tech programs from idea, curation to execution.

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