Product Visionaries

Product Managers set product strategy and rally a team to deliver on that vision. Products would not make it to market without a skilled hand of a Product Manager.

Join instructor, Catherine Shyu Sullivan, as she shares how it is that PMs go from idea to launched product. You'll learn about the career progression, motivations, and red flags for these important specialists on a software development team.

Course Curriculum

    1. Meet Your Instructor: Catherine Shyu Sullivan

    1. HANDBOOK: Product Management [FOR PRINT]

    2. HANDBOOOK: Product Management [FILLABLE]

    1. Communicating With Candidates

    2. Job Description

    3. Interview

    4. Red Flags

    5. Outreach Messages

    6. Establishing Credibility

    7. Closing

    8. Product Management Wrap Up

    9. QUIZ: Communication

    1. Tech Recruiter Certification 2.0

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