What You'll Learn

  • Tech

    Learn about the history of front end development and where it is today. We’ll cover languages, libraries, frameworks, and the workflow of a Front End engineer.

  • Candidates

    Who are the Junior and Senior Talent Personas of front end engineering? What do these engineers look for in new opportunities? We’ll cover all of this and more.

  • Engagement

    Once you understand what these candidates do, and who they are, you will be able to effectively engage with these candidates in their language.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome & Tips for Success
  • 2
    Section One: All About Front End Engineering
    • Course Materials (print these!)
    • Front End: Then & Now
    • - Review Assessment
    • What is the Front End Stack?
    • - Review Assessment
    • Idea to Implementation: A Front End Engineering Journey Map
    • - Review Assessment
  • 3
    Section Two: Front End Engineers
    • Front End Engineer Personas
    • - Review Assessment
    • Junior & Senior Front End Engineers
    • - Review Assessment
    • Front End Engineer Resumes
    • - Review Assessment
  • 4
    Section Three: Connecting with Engineers Effectively


Curriculum designed by recruiters, taught by tech leads.

  • Morgan Whaley

    Morgan Whaley

    Senior Engineer

    Morgan is a Colorado native who started in design but made the switch to web development in 2011. She immediately gravitated toward front end technologies and values bringing ideas and designs to life in applications. With 6 years of experience in programming, she works as a technical lead and oversees collaboration processes at Cognizant in Colorado and India.

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