Recruiting Fundamentals

Take a journey into the recruiting process as instructor, Alison Daley, navigates you across the entire recruiting process. Learn how to onboard a new role, source candidates using Boolean & XRay search, and how to write effective outreach messages.

Learn best practices for job descriptions, interview flow, and how to create a cohesive candidate experience.

Course Curriculum

    1. Tips For Success With this Course

    2. Handbook For Print

    1. Recruiter Workflow

    2. Quiz on Recruiter Workflow

    1. Talent Personas

    2. Quiz on Talent Personas

    1. Sourcing Strategies

    2. Quiz on Sourcing Strategies

    1. Job Descriptions

    2. Quiz on Job Descriptions

    1. Outreach Message

    2. Quiz on Outreach Messages

About this course

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