Tech Recruiting with the Alignment Framework™

The Alignment Framework™ is a tech toolkit that will change the way you approach your tech recruiting. Comprising of three tools from the product design process, this framework provides us with a systemized approach for learning about new roles and engaging with technical candidates, clients and colleagues. In this class you'll learn to improve your:

  • Technical Interviews

    Accurately assess the technical skill of your candidate by getting a full story of their experience.

  • Technical Intakes

    Establish credibility with hiring managers by getting the full technical scope of the role.

  • Talent Personas

    Improve your understanding of tech talent with this aggregate approach to learning.

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This course and framework were developed by

  • Alison Daley

    Alison Daley


    Alison Lawrence Daley has over ten years of recruiting experience. Her experience spans working with recently funded startups to Fortune 500s, along with both boutique and international recruiting agencies. She understands the pace, constraints and challenges recruiters face, especially in the intensely competitive world of technical recruiting.Alison’s mission is to empower recruiters to be more successful through developing training, tools and strategies for better understanding the industries, and the candidates, they recruit for. Alison is the organizer for the Tech Recruiter Conference and the founder of Recruiting Innovation.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome to Tech Recruiting with the Alignment Framework™
    • Before we begin...
    • Welcome!
    • Download your Course Materials!
  • 2
    Introduction to the Alignment Framework™
    • Intro to the Alignment Framework™
  • 3
    Introduction to the Software Development Life Cycle
    • The Software Development Life Cycle Handout
    • Introduction to the SDLC
    • Intro to SDLC Quiz
  • 4
    Effective Interviews with Tech Candidates
    • Alignment Framework™ Technical Interview Template
    • Effective Interviews with Tech Candidates
    • Quiz time!
  • 5
    Technical Intake Conversations
    • Alignment Framework™ Technical Intake Template
    • Technical Intake Conversations
    • Quiz Time!
  • 6
    Talent Personas
    • Alignment Framework™ Talent Persona Template
    • Talent Personas
    • Quiz Time!
  • 7
    Closing Thoughts- Tech Recruiting with the Alignment Framework™
    • Closing Thoughts
    • Before you go...